Research & Personalization AI for Sales Teams

Personalize outbound without the tedious research

The hassle free way to research and personalize outbound at scale, powered by AI.

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LavaReach is the world's first Sales Research AI, designed to automate lead generation.

AI doesn’t do a good job of personalizing unless it has your unique research data

Ramp up growth without adding headcount

LavaReach gets you hot leads on autopilot 🔥

Automate your outreach from prospect discovery and research to personalized messaging and meeting scheduling.

Tell us your ideal customer profile (ICP), and we'll find you high intent leads.

Buying Intent

Identify high intent leads in real-time

Job Changes

Monitor job changes of valuable buyers

New Hires

Identify companies expanding their teams

Market Expansion

Pinpoint businesses entering new markets

Funding Updates

Identify companies raising capital for growth

M&A Alerts

Stay updated on companies in merger and acquisition talks

Identify ideal customer profiles

Capture low hanging fruits in your peripherals

Stop spraying and praying, start with leads closest to you

Uncover Unique Website Visitors

LavaReach tracks and deanonymizes your website visitors, and sends out automated personalized emails to capture them in real-time

Personalized Emails

Stay Close To Your Previous Champions

LavaReach tracks your customers and champions, so you can get notified in real-time when they change jobs for easy re-targeting

Track when your customers change jobs

LavaReach integrates with your whole GTM stack

LavaReach consolidates all your GTM data, seamlessly integrating into your CRM and outreach tools.